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The Hygge Life

My sister-in-law writes a travel blog. It’s a really good read. Her and my brother have a real sense of adventure. They travel to exotic places and do exciting things. Safari. Scuba dive. I read the blog and see the photos and wonder why I have no desire for the same adventures. I realise now […]

From Mind To Heart And Back Again

If someone were to ask me which of my skills I use most often I would say my ability to translate communication. And I don’t mean from Japanese to English. I mean from operational to visionary. From technical to creative. Often from male to female. Always from mind to heart. I am on the Board […]

Balance of Heart, Body & Mind

I have recently written a book to share a snapshot of my personal development journey (available in print on www.sarahwindrum.co.uk and digitally on Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B077DVD5R2) I had written all of it by the end of 2016 but I spent six months struggling to find a nice clean conclusion I was happy with. Because there aren’t […]


I struggle with my command of our oral language when it really matters. As an English Literature graduate I could write all day about my feelings, but when it comes to speaking about them I am reduced to drivel. What I say very often won’t make sense even to me. I am not sure why […]

Conquering Your Fears

I am frightened of a lot of things. I have got much worse as I have got older and especially since having my daughter. I am fearful not fearless. I cannot cope with hearing about bad things happening in the world. I don’t watch the news and only read the local newspaper. I cannot watch […]

All She Needs

Having a child is the most selfish thing you can do. Raising a child is the most selfless. I thought a lot about becoming a parent. I had plenty of time to. I lost twins when I was 28, another baby at 29, and finally had my precious beautiful little girl when I was 31. […]

Superheroes are Real

My daughter came to me this morning and told me superheroes aren’t real. That doesn’t sound so bad but less than 9 months ago, before she started school, she wanted to be Batman when she grew up. Firstly she came home and told me she couldn’t be Batman because she was a girl, which upset […]

Being Grateful

Something amazing has just happened to me. I have been feeling really shit lately. Too many reasons to go into here, but as I sink deeper into the pit, everything starts to become a struggle. I was walking down the street this morning and was stopped by a man. He looked untidy. Probably homeless I […]

When Music Hits, You Feel No Pain

I am very similar to a teenager. To know my mood, all you have to do is listen to the music I am playing. Linkin Park if I am angry. Lionel Richie if I am sad. 90s dance if I want to get motivated. Motown if I want to fall in love. When I lost […]

Managing Anxiety

I have already confessed my anxiety to this blog. I suffer from what has recently been described as high-performing or high-functioning anxiety. The more I feel I am losing control of the world around me, the more anxious I am, the more desperately I struggle to regain control. Often I can’t and so it can […]