My sister-in-law writes a travel blog. It’s a really good read. Her and my brother have a real sense of adventure. They travel to exotic places and do exciting things. Safari. Scuba dive. I read the blog and see the photos and wonder why I have no desire for the same adventures. I realise now it’s because when I travel I’m not an adventure girl. I’m a comfort girl.

As I write this I am sat in a little cafe in Copenhagen in Nyhavn. I am sitting out on the street enjoying my second pot of coffee. I came to this area yesterday so I have my bearings and know exactly where I am and where I want to go next. I feel comfortable and at peace. No sense of agitation. Reflecting here has made me realise how little I feel that comfort in my everyday life. I push myself and my boundaries most of the time. I have grown accustomed to the feeling of discomfort most days. At work. Out running. Even at home I am usually doing something. I only sit to watch a film with my daughter. I read to learn not for fun anymore. I struggle to write.

As other people only tap into their sense of adventure when they travel, I seem to only access comfort when I am away. Copenhagen is one of the friendliest cities I have visited. It has a relaxed vibe that suits me perfectly. I could stay here for weeks. I know my brother would be bored in a few days. However, I also know the first thing he and my sister-in-law would do is visit the two Michelin starred restaurant here. Because together they strike the perfect balance for them. If you read her blog you will see what I mean. They do adventure and luxury. They scuba dive and stay in an all-inclusive bungalow on a beautiful white beach. They safari and camp but return to the UK via a 5 star hotel.

I need to build more comfort into my life. Not because I need a sense of adventure when I travel (I am very unlikely to ever scuba dive!) but because I want to feel more at peace in my life. I want my daughter to remember our times of adventure and our times of comfort. And who knows? Maybe if I feel more comfort in my every day life, one day I’ll ski, safari, and snorkel on my holidays too!

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