What a summer it has been! A rollercoaster of highs and lows all useful for learning when I manage to grasp what life is teaching me. Now here we are at the start of September and I am reviewing where I am for 2017. 2016 was the year I took flight and this year was about keeping myself in the air. I have done that despite much unexpected turbulence! Now it is time to prepare to fly higher.

I am tired though. Tired of being told I am at odds with what I should be. Tired of people’s judgement of me as if I live in a black & white world. Below are a selection I have experienced in the last month:

  • I am my business partner’s ex-wife – we should not continue working together
  • I am a business owner – I should not prioritise culture over profit
  • I am a strong woman – I should not be sensitive
  • I am a single woman being friendly to a single man – I must want to sleep with him
  • I am a single woman being friendly to a married man – I must want to sleep with him too

My world is not black and white. It’s not grey either. It’s a spectrum of every possible colour. It’s a rainbow. And that’s how I want my world to be. It will cause confusion sometimes. Judgement often. But I won’t stop living the rainbow 🌈

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